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1. To be a church that loves and honors God, totally surrendering to his spiritual authority

     A. Making the Word of God absolute truth and the final authority in our lives
     B. Disciplining ourselves to obey the Word of God at any cost
     C. Exhorting the name of God through true worship and praise

To be a church building strong families in the community

     A. Establishing and maintaining the Marriage Ministry
     B. Establishing and maintaining the Divorce Ministry
     C. Establishing and maintaining the Singles Ministry

To be a church of healing for the lost, hurting, wounded, depressed, oppressed, brokenhearted, poor, and rich souls

     A. Establishing ministries that minister to the needs of the people
     B. Providing compassion and love through fellowship
     C. Establishing a fervent and effectual Prayer Ministry
     D. Providing church staff to minister to the needs of the people

To be a church providing a Holistic Christian Education, nurturing the people of God for life and ministry

     A. Establishing a structured process of Christian Education Training based on the traditional interpretation of  scripture
     B. Establishing a Christian School to nurture our children for their walk in life
     C. Establishing a family ministry to help members live prosperous lives
     D. Providing Life Application Biblical teaching for the saints

To be a church having mission and outreach through the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

     A. Doing mission work throughout the world and locally
     B. Doing evangelism work, street ministry, crusades, block parties, and G.R.O.W. Ministry
     C. Establishing media ministry to help share the gospel (television, radio, and marketing)
To build or purchase a beautiful, but yet simple church conducive to fulfill the vision God has for the church

     A. Build a beautiful sanctuary, seating 2,000 people
     B. Build an Education Training Center sufficient for a school
     C. Build a Life Center sufficient for family recreation and school activities
     D. Build a Prayer Center sufficient for ministering to the needs of God’s people
     E. Build a sufficient Children’s and Youth Ministry Center